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– A bicycle ride from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (airport code: SCC) to Ushuaia, Argentina (airport code: USH).
– Start in Alaska at the Summer Solstice (June 2016) and finish in Argentina at the Summer Solstice (December 2017) that occurs 18 months later.
– Mike. I’ve also extended an invite on Adventure Cycling if there is someone interested in joining in all or part.
– Cyclists have a bunch of different “styles”. Not one is correct, but if left to myself, I’ll typically:

  • Cycle on average ~100km per day, take a rest day every so often
  • Camp some nights and stay in motels other nights. Nice to have a bed and shower mixed in with less expensive lodging.
  • Start early in the morning, rather than waiting and pushing dark.
  • Get food along the way, more often than cooking on camp stove.

If I’m cycling with others, will adapt as makes sense. Unless we’re matched very close in speed, I’ve found it easier to sync up periodically or as infrequently as a few times a day, rather than try to stay lock-step and frustrate both.

What about dangerous things, like bears and bandits?
My overall approach has been to get a reasonable assessment of the risk and then take appropriate precautions. As far as risk assessment goes, I’ve read a bunch of other cycle journals and then other articles online. These put my mind a bit more at ease because while the risk from either a bear or a bandit is not zero, it is also not very high and most cyclists along these routes pass without any difficulties.

However, given the risk isn’t zero, there are also some sensible precautions I’ll take. For bears I’m putting all my smelly food, toiletries in odor proof bags and then inside waterproof bags. No reason to bring these into the tent and I’ll bring some line to string them up. I’ve gotten a bearproof container, but not certain yet whether it will go on the ride.

As far as bandits go, the risks also seem fairly low, though occasionally on cycle journals I had read of some rare holdups. I haven’t encountered any in my previous trips. Some areas like the north coastal area of Peru I might avoid. In other places, will be careful with my belongings, avoid taking flashy or expensive things and store away some things in more than one place.

If there is a question missing, add a request to the comments below. As appropriate, I’ll move your question to the questions area above and then delete the comment.


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