Travel Resources

  • Panam riders group
    • Canada – no major issues listed
    • Mexico – get a tourist card at the border (FMM); travel warning with information about various states
    • Guatemala – hepA, hepB, yellow fever, typhoid vaccinations recommended; high crime rates
    • El Salvador – travel warning; dengue, malaria
    • Honduras – travel warning; yellow fever required; dengue, malaria, immunizations recommended
    • Nicaragua – dengue
    • Costa Rica – yellow fever required; malaria, dengue
    • Panama – yellow fever, vaccinations; avoid Darien province
    • Columbia – travel warning; rabies, malaria, dengue
    • Ecuador – yellow fever, vaccinations; tropical diseases
    • Peru – rabies, altitude
    • Bolivia – visa photo; yellow fever certificate; malaria, dengue, rabies
    • Chile – no major issues listed
    • Argentina – hepa, yellow fever, typhoid, rabies
  • Centers for Disease Control Consider: Hepatitis A (Latin America), Hepatitis B, Malaria, Rabies (Central America), Typhoid (Mexico, Central America), Yellow fever (Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina)
  • former ferry from Panama to Columbia
  • Baja Divide


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