DateRouteDistance (km)Climb (m)Link
6/21Prudhoe Bay to Last Chance97.8221
6/22Last Chance to Milepost 30777.9729
6/23Milepost 307 to Trevor Creek76.41112
6/24Trevor Creek to Coldfoot136.7965
6/26Coldfoot to Fish Creek98.91236
6/27Fish Creek to Yukon River93.71466
7/1Fairbanks to Salcha81.8144
7/2Salcha to Delta Junction77.1505
7/3Delta Junction to Dot Lake97.4264
7/4Dot Lake to Tok76.4281
7/5Tok to Lakeview CG90.4726
7/6Lakeview CG to Beaver Creek86.9758