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Chula Vista, ready for Phase 3 — 3 Comments

  1. Actually, getting thru Tijuana is pretty easy if you can get on the toll road. The scenery south of Tecate is nicer though.

    • Thanks useful to know. Tijuana had (has?) a reputation and I’d seen mixed reports from cyclists crossing. Some indicating much easier than expected and others complaining of lots of debris on a narrow shoulder and lots of traffic. Perhaps free road vs. toll road accounted for some differences. Tecate was remarkably simple today so I’d now also have more confidence to try Tijuana on a future trip.

  2. Tecate is a lovely small town. The town square is especially pleasant. Count on a full day to get there.

    Tecate is just off the traditional Christmas Trip first day route to Campo. Years ago accommodation in Campo became unavailable so that route is no longer used.

    Best wishes, Steve