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  1. What are your riding companions like? From where and do they have the interesting history you carry?

  2. Approximately two dozen riders. The largest number a Canadians but also a number of Americans as well. One Belgian, one German, one Dutch, one Australian. Ten cyclists started in Cartagena and the remainder has come for this segment and typically for some of the previous segments as well.

    A number of the riders have done other TDA trips as well, e.g. across Africa, across Asia and others. Some have done self-supported riding as well. I think I came the furthest to start the trip.

    I haven’t quite figured out ages yet, but it doesn’t seem like many in their 20s, but instead skews slightly older. These folks are serious and faster riders than I am on my mountain bike.

    Otherwise, a nice set of folks and friendly and welcoming for people like me who are joining just at end of their trip.