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Meziadin Lake — 3 Comments

  1. Hi there Mev, following your adventure with great interest, i come from Turkey and intend to do the exact same route 2018, it seems that there are quite a few lodges/hotels/motels are these expensive? Is it possible for you to include in your blog a few of your expenses (average of course.)meals ect.
    Another thought i had, which was the best way north to south or south to north.
    I have just finished watching on YouTube Mark Beaumont epic trip it’s called the man who cycled the Americas,incredible, from north to south and he encounters some terrible head winds in Chile/Peru this makes me think to start at the south and head north.
    Anyway Mev i am routing for you, keep posting i love it

    • Typical price for lodges around here is slightly over $100 Canadian (or $80 US) so somewhat expensive compared to elsewhere. There are of course some more or less.

      As far as North to South vs. South to North goes, I think people have journals going both directions. I do get the impression that Patagonia is notorious for winds so not sure one can completely miss it in either direction.

  2. Cheers Mev. wow them lodges are expensive,I think wild camping maybe the way to go, there seems to be a lot of cyclists on this route, store’s also seem to be plentiful to stock up on supplies,but saying that you don’t seem to have any trouble finding a meal.
    Keep them coming Mev i love it.