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Medicine Bow — 3 Comments

  1. Glad you’re getting the mechanical issues sorted out now. Hopefully the gremlins are gone by the time you hit Mexico.

    • Part of the reason for doing Canada/USA first was to figure out what gremlins there might be and work through issues, so hopefully can figure it out.

      I brought the bike to a bike shop in Fort Collins, CO (Lee’s Cyclery where I’ve bought other bikes though not this one). I asked to open the hub for diagnosis as well as a full service including replacing worn chain, cassette, etc. They opened the hub and it was fairly dirty inside but didn’t look like springs, pawls or ratchet were broken. So they cleaned and relubed and everything seems good to go again. Their feedback was to look at more frequent service to open and clean the hub.

      Plan is to try with this bike again and make sure this is fixed for a while. Also get a good service on the hubs before crossing into Mexico. As best I can tell, I don’t quite have tools/expertise to do this from the road, but reasonable bike shops should be able to service. At the same time, I’m checking with a wheel builder if there is a hub that is more easily serviced but also still durable.

  2. Mev! Welcome to Colorado, and congrats on the distance you have covered to date.