Jocotan — 2 Comments

  1. Mike:
    Certainly am enjoying this. I often wonder what your average hotel price is–give or take. I spent a month in Guatamala–the City, Panajal (?) Tikal, Solola, etc. Really a beautiful country.
    Was somewhat politically unstable when I was there in the 80’s.
    So glad I can tap into your blog and get the flavor of your journey. Amazing!
    Janet A.

    • Average hotel cost is in $15-$20 range. In other words, 100 Quetzal in Guatemala and ~300-400 Pesos in Mexico. We’ve had some for less (~50Q) but also some for double that as well. In the hot areas it is nice to get air conditioning and that costs a bit more.

      Fun that you’ve also traveled through these areas.