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  1. Quito, Ecuador, is home to radio station HCJB “The Voice of the Andes” founded 1931. It was the first shortwave Christian broadcast station in the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HCJB Though no longer active on shortwave the station continues local broadcast.

    In their days of high power broadcast they invented a special antenna called a Cubical Quad (circa 1940) which would not burn up at their high altitude. Conventional Yagi antennas developed very high voltage at the element tips which arced in the thin air and melted. Don’t know if there’s much left of all this now. They are mostly local and on line.

    The current location follows. Perhaps you will pass by.

    Villalengua Oe2-52 and August 10
    Quito, Ecuador

    Tel: (593) 22 77 600
    Email: laradio@hcjb.org

    • The offices for the radio station are about 4.5km (2.8 miles) from our hotel. Interesting history on your wikipedia link.