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Adventure Cycling post — 2 Comments

  1. HI Mike, I replied to your post last year and we’ve had a couple of exchanges (Denise here!). It’s fun reading your blog and how everything got started. I live in Seattle but also lived in Austin (one of my best friends lives there now). I’m also 53. So a lot of similarities. I’m very excited for you and your trip through the Americas. I will be starting out on my ride from LaPaz, Bolivia to Ushuaia, Argentina in October 2016. I’ll check back in with your blog around that time to see where you’re at. It would be fun if it worked out to meet somewhere.

    Safe travels, I look forward to following your blog.


    • Thanks Denise, I will definitely watch your blog as well as your trip unfolds. I live vicariously on others blogs sometimes when traveling on my own as well. A lot to get done in the last days, but getting excited as trip is about to start.