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Destruction Bay — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting to follow your blog with all the pictures and comments…I’d be a bit worried about the bear, also! BTW…I just noticed there still room for a bag under the seat…

  2. Hi MEV! We just finished 1300m in 4 wks from ME to the outer banks of NC. It was a great trip but we decided to stop due to sore knees and too hot&humid at night for tent sleeping. Will finish the East Coast another (cooler) time. We wish you the best – safe travels!

    • Sounds like fun and good excuse to go back again. In 1995 I did the east coast the other direction, but also in week long segments to adjust to the seasons.

  3. What an adventure you are having – traveling with the mountains framing the background and crossing the silty rivers. I have need reading about the small communities you mention in your blog entries. Destruction Bay is interesting – has a one room school to cover all grades! My guess is you are seeing a lot folks with pioneer souls who are running those mom and pop stores and lodges.

    • There seems to be a blend between roadside businesses, some only open in summer months and then local communities. Good example is Burwash Landing with a museum but not much else for the tourists yet perhaps ~100 people living in the area. It has some similarities with travels I did in outback Australia where there were native communities and also roadhouses focused on the traffic. What I have also noticed is some of the “gaps” between services have grown since 1997 when some of the older lodges shut down. More people traveling in RVs and fewer staying in lodges…