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Tete Jaune, Yellowhead rest day — 2 Comments

  1. Great tour of Yellowhead. Beautiful country. Does Bert live in Montana? I am going to Glacier National Park this next weekend. I remember you said you had a brother who lived around there.

    • Bert is in WY and CO but nice enough to drive up and join a few days. I have sister-in-law and brother with Vista Motel in West Glacier. Should be a nice time to visit Glacier, though likely pretty busy. Apparently Banff and Jasper parks have a banner year (with traffic jams from 9am to 7pm on road into Lake Louise. Gas prices are cheap so people are driving. Canadian dollar lower so Canadians and Americans visiting the parks. I expect some of this to go across the border to nearby places like Glacier. Effect for me was I needed to nail down lodging reservations so can’t be as flexible as I was before.